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Thursday, April 30, 2009
Hahas...changed my blogskin again...

Today is a day that i could count it as unlucky...I saw Randall at the bus stop where i need to wait for 190 to go home... Then cuz i see alot of SJI ppl so i think that maybe i would see him again and really i did...actually i dunno he's there when my friend mae chen told me(from same pri sch. so noe him...)then he is very wierd at first...he started to wave at us then started to talk to his new friends i think about us...then he called mae chen first and i dunno wad he say cuz i'm seeing if the bus is here anot...then later, he call me...i just turn over then cuz we stand quite far so i dunno wad he is saying...but later i noe...he called me a bitch again(that's what he does in pri. sch)...then, i noe he is not wierd anymore...he is crazy again...then cuz he only could take 700, 190 came... when i'm boarding the bus,you noe wad he say??"be careful not to fall down and die hor..."that's what he say...cuz the bus is a long bus,i walked to the back...then he started waving to us like a mad man at the door in the first part of the bus...he is really that crazy although he is the funniest person in my class in primary school...

Heard that someone like me in primary 1 before and i can't believe it(not now already...)...but actually he is quite cute in primary one cuz he was asked to sit beside me in primary 1...that's the only year when i'm in the same class with him so i dun actually care but still can't believe he like me before...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
OMG!!! MYE coming....so fast lor...it's like a blink of an eye!!=0

Saturday, April 18, 2009
Let me post today!!
this weekend so many homework...nid find 15 newspaper article and write 50-100 words reflection,Phrase book nid 16 more,Geography WB, Science Theory WB,Maths WB and revision paper...this weekend i'm going crazy!!ahhhhhhhhhhhh....

Thursday, April 16, 2009
My blog seemed dead...lols, nvm, i will post today=D
Today got HCL test then it's like the first time we are test on "pian duan suo xie" which we nid to shorten the whole chunk of passage given to us into 80 words...i dunno why we this year learn liao, my brother now sec3 then started to learn lor...so sad but i dunn why,tyko or wad,get 80 words just nice :)
this week get back our science and HCL paper2...my science improved by 1 mark(1 marks made me a A2) and my HCL dropped by 7 marks!so sad for my HCL & that's counted for common test!!!!die...die...die...

Sunday, April 5, 2009
For the next week, i have exams from monday till thursday!everyday have one test...sianz...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yesterday 2.4km run for NAFFA i came in 9th in my class(41 ppl in my class)so happy...but cannot get happy so fast cuz haven't test the other 5 yet...