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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Going on hiatus now as exams is coming in less than 2 week time. Will continue after that but my tag board is still alive so do tag me and I will reply too!

Day: Good or Bad?
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
PE today was... No words to explain. Tiring in a way though.
HMT. Write 阅读报告读后感 which is totally sucky now for us since we just learn it not long ago. Though I like this kind, because can write your comments, but the problem is the format. Wrote only the first paragraph which is copying the question down and 小感想. 2 Lines only!
Maths. Went through 2009 paper 1. Unhappy with my result but feeling guilty because its because I rush through it and ya.
Science. Nothing much though. Our whole class is polluted. serious. Even those people who are pure in heart is asking for the reasons of what we are laughing about. We almost laugh at every single stuff. And stupid answers. I not sure whether i should be happy about it or what. LOL
Class Interaction. Tidy up the class since our class is right beside the PAT.
Assembly. Hip Hop culture? Ohmy, Me, Yinghan and Shirlene and even the whole class are laughing at stuff which I don't think we should. What a good angle they gave our class, If you get it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010
Argh. Actually had 96 for maths then because the common test is of a higher weightage, my CA1 decreased by 1 mark. ): Though it's only 1 mark but still very sad. Haiz.

You better run run run run run.

Posting about NAFFA again because I saw an IRRITATING post of !@#$%'s NAFFA.
Current NAFFA results/ Aims to achieve next year:
Shuttle run- 11.07s ( 10.5s)
Sit-ups- 38 ( 40)
Standing board jump- 168cm (175cm) ARGH, super angry with this! Should have jump another 3cm ):
Incline Pull ups- 21 (25)
Sit and reach- 49cm (52cm)
2.4 Run- 14:07min ( 13.50min)
Total: 29 YAY!! Regretted for not getting 30 at the same time. BOOHooo!
*Are you that good at all? Bleh! Irritated*

Echo, echo, echo in my mind.

Helping my mother and soon my brother to put kpop songs into their phone. Listening to my SNSD playlist in itunes. The randomness is not very random because it's because the song is playing when i type them.

So many boys wanna give it to me
But I want you boy, give it to me
Cause I'm so ready boy, give it to me

Friday, April 23, 2010
Armpower. Reach the first. 50 pumpings, 60 sets of jumping jacks, 20 pumpings....Then, 20 guy pumpings which almost killed me. I actually could endure pass it but because my hand is sweating and then make my hand keep slipping. Haiz.
Fitt workout. I can't do the "superman" thing! Can't do planks properly because of the sweat.
CME. Clean the classroom up and a chapter.
PE= NAFFA. I was proud of my result as I got only 1 B and all As. If I had jumped another 3 more cm, I would get all As! ARGH. But never mind. CHEERS!
Extra Training for Campcraft. Disappointed of myself. Didn't pitch the tent in 20minutes(which is my goal). I really wish to do well for promo. ): JIAYOU!

TOOK AROUND 2HOURS TO GET HOME TODAY! I thought because it's much earlier, the traffic won't be jammed but yes, it jammed. Left school at around 5.20pm and reach home at 7.12pm. D:

3 Gotchas!
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Our class deserve these gotchas! Given by Ye Lao Shi, Mr Goh and Mr Tham. Ye Lao Shi say it's her first gotcha out of the how many years in crescent. I think I know the reason why she don't give gotchas. Teehee. *Spreading around the class*

So many OM girls from our class! Proud of them man :D C2 definitely rocks. (: Gonna join OM next year too and our class will have like 20plus people joining! 2C2'10 is gonna dominate everything!

Got my History and Maths CA1 result. Our IC group got the highest for our history pt! Me, as the leader, IS PROUD OF YOU 4! :D Got 61 for History. So damn happy that I got 96 for my MATHS! (: CHEERS!

Art Project Day.
Sunday, April 18, 2010
Went to Catherine's house today to complete our paper mache and it looks super cool! HEHE.

Went to BPP to get some stuff from popular and saw someone whom I didn't wish to see.

Freak. Now then i realised i'm not charging my tpc! ARGH!

Found out an AWESOME/ SCARY/ COOL thing. I don't know what to say about this.

Gotta learn Ting Xie! D:


Another Day.
Saturday, April 17, 2010
I finally updated all my links from my blog. At first it was super long, now, SUPERr Short. Deleted all those which blog had been deleted and relinked all those who had relink.

Need to finish homework today. Tmr whole day doing Art Project. Haiz. That's the only think i can say for art. BUT I LIKE OUR GROUPS PAPER MACHE! :D Should start learning 听写 if not i'm going to fail it again which I really don't wish to happen. Compiling Home- Ec I will do tomorrow night. Then, MUST LEARN CAMPCRAFT NOTES! argh. And Art Brochure. Haiz. Next week have to pass up seh and Art is on Wednesday. Shucks la. ): Gonna need to stop kpop-ing and do my work! D:

Manage to do my phone's lock-screen wallpaper and home-screen wallpaper! Changed both to Black Soshi one :D

Friday, April 16, 2010
I bet everyone in our squad who doesn't hate np will be super pissed right now. What's wrong?! Why are we hearing such comments on us?! Hello, are you all that perfect to say that we are not?! Think through before saying please. Cry for? If you all are that pro, cry for what?! Cry for us?HUH? Why bother to do that? Do you think we are stupid, dumb or what? AND worse thing still, getting to know as a 3rd person point of view. THATS REALLY INSULTING US! You are trying to imply that we are just a useless bunch of people who happily came in and don't bother to learn anything, wasting our time?! WTHeck! FISH YOU! I don't really bother about you all. If you really think that we are like that, be that way. We will change what we think about you too! Freakinggg people!

Hiaz. Yay.
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Homework is piling up again for me and also stress level too. Sleep is totally not enough for me and a feel so...tired. Want to sleep early but couldn't because of the homeworks and also TESTs coming up this week.

Wednesday: Maths Olympiad Training Quiz, History Class Test
Thursday: Maths Class Test

Homework- Art, Maths, English and ALL IN HUGE AMOUNT!):

Want to congratulate myself of getting an A for 2.4km with a time of 14:07 which was the fastest time for me from the start of secondary school! :D But got muscle ache now. Gonna need to start doing my homeworks after treating myself to some stuff.

Scariest day today.
Friday, April 9, 2010
2.4km run. only 2o something people ran today because our class have a lot of OM girls. Ran fine for 3 rounds and at the forth, Germaine wanted to tie her shoelaces I think, so she run to the side but she tripped in front of me, Erna and Si Hui. She have cuts on the 4 places, her both elbows an her knees. Erna and Si Hui help her and I have to run back, about half the "track" to tell Mdm Low about it. I sprint back and tell them and Mdm Low asked the people who can run to go and help Germaine out. Then I continued my *2.4km. It was totally tiring for me as I now have to run so called another round as I run back half the "track" and I have to run another extra of that amount which adds up to 1 more round. At the last round, which was considered the 6th round for me, I started having a bit of breathing difficulties for the first time but I tried my best and finished my 6th round and came in with a score of 16.27 which was totally not what I expected. It was worse than what I did in Sec1 which was very slow already and then for this year, I improved more than 1min from my Sec1 score already. Totally not satisfied.

Azfa have cramps which makes her not able to run after the first round. AFter the run make it worse as she was in pain and also for a moment, she can't see. She was ask to lie down for awhile and our classmates clean up her sweat on her face and stuff like that as she was also perspiring in sweat because of the pain. Some of them brought water for her too.

BUT for me, I also suffered. When I finished, I felt weird with my nose and suddenly I couldn't breathe properly. My nose became blocked and you might think I can breathe from my mouth but my mouth was also somehow stuck. Plus, I just ran and I can't try to take long breath, I had a very hard time there. Some of them fanned me and also Si Hui and Shirlene actually wanted me to lie down on their thigh. Mdm Low took out my headband and my specs. and ask me to lie down too but then I dunno who took out my hair band too. I lie for awhile and came back up again, still having breathing difficulties. I tried my best to take in deep breathe but I failed to do so. Maybe this is because I sprint back to tell the teacher which cause me to not keep up my pace and when I continued from there, I felt that my pace isn't right anymore. I drank some of the water too then I felt a but better but then it started back again but not as worse than at first.
When we are going back to the school, I need people to help me out because my legs felt as if it's not working with me at all and I might just fall down anytime. In short, I felt weak. LOL. I bought rice to eat and when I carry the plate, my hand were like trembling so Cat help me out. Si Hui helped me buy my drinks and then I ate. Lucky after I eat, I felt much better. At least I can walk well now. First time encountering such stuff is really scary for me though.

Not long later then I realised that my friend help me to tie a bun for my hair. LOL.

Sport Carnival Day!
Friday, April 2, 2010
Yeoman Duty was fine. Nothing to say about it.

After Sport Carnival, went out to have lunch with squaddies! Though not whole squad but still, more than 10 when we left for squad lunch at juncti8n in Pizza Hut! :D We are really rich! HAHAS. really. The bill was like almost $100 by a few dollars more only!Hehe. Got my order down and then I left to shop with reb and Jennifer at Comic Con. for SNSD stuffs! Reb can find her SHINee stuff but i found lots of SNSD stuff there :D Spend more than $10 on those items! Whee!

Some nice poker cards

Hehe. Got other stuff too duh.

Then went back to pizza hut and have my lunch. Then someone started mixing stuff inside 1 of the cups and it is really very gross. Just can't believe they did that.

After eating, went to walk around juncti8n and some people bought stuff.

After shopping, we wanted to go to the arcade but they say student under age of 16 cannot enter the arcade from dunno what time to 6.30pm which mean we can't! Argh. Then, we went to the "garden" on the 3rd floor and went there to take some jump shots and discuss some stuff. Whee! Love it! Next time should go and watch movie :D