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Friday, September 25, 2009
Today is 叶老师's birthday! Happy Birthday, 又老一岁了! LOL. Today, we were ask to do Chinese 情景作文. Need to pass up by that day. That's the only time I on my TPC for today seh. Cool right!XD After that, at the end of the day we had our practical test for Home-Ec which is our agar-agar. Succeeded!(: Stay back to do finish my 情景作文 but i couldn't concentrate for the first few hours. Then, later when it's like 3plus then I started to concentrate. I need the time to make me work seh... Haiz...PS for not posting for a long time because on Thursday we had 3 class test in total which is like every lesson except for art but still art is need to do the project. So it's like the whole day is a very stressful. I think I only did well in my maths): Then for the past few days, homeworks are always piling up thus seriously has no time to post something up.

Siow Ee arh, you abandon me in the canteen today! I dunno what to do lor because my mother is asking me when I will be done then you are away then I dunno whether to leave or to help you guard you bag. Go so long de! But at the mean while I did finish my Science homework too(:

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Message for Cherie...
Catherine created a spam cbox for you!(: go there spam not here! hahas...

Okays...Let's talk about me now...Yesterday, I went to actually see my brother's primary6 class photo to search for the sec3 seniors picture which I met them during teacher's day and see if they are in the same class as my brother. THEN, I WAS SHOCK! terribly... I saw Annabella ma'am face in there then at first i was like who is that arh? why look so familar...Then, I look at the names and saw her name...So i decided to check MLG then it's really her! SHOCKED TO THE MAXXXX!!! Why is there another ma'am from my primary school??I know it's good but still, It's like i will feel pressurized...haiz...

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Just finished my science homework which is like 11pages...I gonna do my Maths and chinese after i bathe and eat dinner(:

Bored... Found more and more nice korean songs! XDXD
SNSD, Kara, Super Junior, Brown Eyed Girls, 4 Minute, 2NE1, SHINee, MC Mong, Lee Seunggi! Love their songs to the max! LOL...nvm, gotta go now...Need to go bathe...Byes(:

Friday, September 18, 2009
I have not been posting for like a week because of the projects and many other stuffs. Yeah, done with most of the projects except for Art as it will only end at like maybe 2 more weeks. Haiz... Today's armpower...First time I saw 3 ranks in our squad. Then, Jasmine ma'am ask us to look behind to see the blue moon. I think she is trying to say "once in a blue moon" seh...But nvm, I'm happy that more people are coming down for arm power and i wish this continues... Though next monday it's a holiday, it isn't for me cuz need to go to Catherine's house to do the filming for art...Why must they make us have such many things when EOY is coming?? Nvm... NEXT WEEK! so stupid seh...3 test in 1 day...Thursday lor...die liao...Still got art on that day! ARGH....

Friday, September 11, 2009
Had promo in school. First, I reach school at 7.35am. Stayed at the foyer for awhile with sqdmates to see if anyone is coming anymore. Once it reach 7.45am, we went to the canteen, put our stuffs down and went to change to full u. We change till like 7.10am then come back to help get Charissa's beret. Greeted the ma'ams there and then NCO pass me Anushka and Charissa's nametag plus rank. Ran back to the washroom to pass them the things. After that, a group of us went back. When i was standing there, suddenly someone called sec1s then i turn around zh ma'am suddenly appear behind me then she pass me a letter for our squad. Yeah, it's a good luck for promo letter. Since not everyone is back yet, I went to have a drink first with Siow Ee and then when I come back then I showed my sqdmates the letter. Taught some of them sheetbend as it's the least taught knot.
Theory paper was given out. I didn't take note of the time which we are suppose to stop at so i kind of rush. When I flipped the paper to the 2nd page, I was shocked! We are actually tested tent guy loop, timber hitch and w-whipping. I sort of panick for awhile. After doing all the ones i know, I recall where did i hear this knot Tent guy loop? Then luckily I remembered that it's the one which is a slip knot and the running end going through the loop and tighten it.(: Next, timber hitch. I recall the picture I saw in the notes I have and also did it well(: Only the w-whipping. I never heard of this name before and didn't tie it before. So, I anyhow tie a thing out and stick it down.
Practical was the drill part. We were ask to check our uniform after "kelua baris" and then fall in at the parade square. What happen was we actually have many uniform check. Either at the spot or go to the washroom which happens like i think at least 4-5times. We don't know what's wrong with our attire. Haiz...Wasted i think like 1h plus doing that and thus reducing the time on drills. Nope, it isn't good because this means that they will only judge us on the drills that we did in the short period of time and thus when time runs out, we won't be able to earn anymore marks. Our NCO ask us what happen to us and talk to us for a little while. After that the CIs came back. They sedia us, do dressing and then senandiri us. This should means uniform inspection time. But I wasn't sure whether it is or not. They walk in front of AiQi then wrote something on the paper but she didn't check her uniform so i thought it isn't uniform check, thus I didn't do the uniform inspection procedure. Then Meera ma'am walk towards me and started inspecting my uniform when i alr have no time to do the procedure.): Seriously sad. Then, it started to drizzle. We were ask to fall in in the canteen. We didn't do the drill as a squad but we did it like separately. Then, the first rank was called out first which means me while the other go to practice first. I wasn't good, seriously. Firstly, we sedia like a few times. Then, when doing "kekenan lurus" it shld be elbow dressing but pooranee did arm dressing. When we turn, we did't turn together. Some of them were slower. When doing pacing, the CIs said a command which i didn't understand as well as my sqdmates as we are not taught that way. Then we seemed like we didn't know the drills. The CI ask us if it's correct or wrong then Chun Yee and Dorcas told the CI how we were taught. Then at last we can do pacing. Not long after, we were dismissed. Then the next grp of people went.
OMG, Ying Hooi somehow "crack" her ankle while turning. It's not that normal one but even Dora standing beside her heard the "crack" sound! She cried. It seemed so pain):

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
OH shucks! Still got homeworks! Need to polish boots for promo! Still got projects not done! ARGH!

Homeworks to go:
1) Comprehension on TOXIC
2) 2008 Maths revision paper for End of Year exam
3) 3 综合填空 which Ye Lao Shi wants us to search for th meaning of the words and write with our hands and not print!
4) 阅读报告
5) Compo Correction
6) Art Project(model)
7) Literature Project
8) History Project(compile the info)
9) Promo!
Anymore???I think there are!=O

Byebye...no time to post more..I'm gonna die if i continue slacking(but i did complete the other homeworks alr...) There are alot of homework!!!Like it's June holidays instead...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
LOL, super happy now for dunno wad reason...Actually because I have faith that i will pass promo!=D
Ask me, ask me why leh?? Hahas...Because Today for extra training, we had mock promo and you noe wad, the comments about me is that I look up!=) I look confident!=) I take initiative to hentak after our NCO says "samula" when we are marching!=) I take initiative to time for every command!=) My kanan penanda is good!=)
BUT still, I need to improve on my Pacing. I know I land on the wrong foot once.=( I also look down when doing pacing.=(

Yeah, I need to rmb which foot to land on during pasing!=D Jia You and pass promo, JESSIE!=D

Monday, September 7, 2009
AHHHHHHHHH! Promo coming this Friday! I cannot fail it man...Shucks man, homeworks, projects and promo! =O=O argh! I'm gonna die this september holiday...NOOOOOOOOOOO

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Hello all!

Sorry for not posting recently... I was way way way too busy with my homeworks. It's like it's not going to decrease at all. Haiz... I have more new korean songs from SNSD like Boyfriend, Girlfriend, etude, My Childe and One Year Later! Kara's songs like Mister, Let It Go, Same Heart, Secretly Secretly. Super Junior's songs like Reset, Angela, Shining Star, Monster and more! If you wanna listen tell me and i will add them down to my playlist=D