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Irritated to the MAX @#$!
Monday, May 31, 2010
I felt as if i'm really being backstabbed by someone whom I didn't know at all! WTH. What's wrong man, you dare to write everything on your blog right? Angry? Irritated? I'm bossy? Please reflect on your attitude towards people first before saying all this. Only thought of playing, didn't you know that if we could finish that fast we can also play too? Don't you know that it is also something important? Say I not respecting others? When DID I?! REFLECT SERIOUSLY! Didn't you notice I'm also rushing it so that we can finish it fast and play? I ALSO TAKE IN CONSIDERATION OF ENDING IT EARLY AND LET YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT! Isn't that respecting? You said I didn't respect right, then please reflect, who started not respecting who first? If I have left that thing not done, who will really go and do it? You? Will you even bother? You only bothered to snatch stuff to do from others which is useless to do from people like giving things to someone whom you wish to. THEY ARE NOT YOURS THOUGH! Stop being so immature please! I'm already trying to keep it to myself and trying not to talk about this but YOU make me write all this! Don't think that everything you do is right ok? There are also other people who can't stand you other than me ok?!

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Yoona and Hyomin's birthday is tomorrow and Yoona is actually 1 year smaller than Hyomin?! Woah and Yoona is actually more famous than Hyomin. Cool~! Wish them a happy advance birthday~ Remain Happy and Healthy always! Hwaiting! (:

Today, what did I do? Yes, I haven't finish my flash homework. Gonna do it well and score well for it since the due date is next week so there is time(: I only was just about to finish my layout design for it and I actually found out that people are starting to put their flash onto IMedia already. I shall take it slow and steady:D

Wondering how much do I need to eat to get my weight to be acceptable...

That Day.
Friday, May 28, 2010
How wonderful~ Woke up at 1.30pm today! Hahas. I have been staying back in school this few days just to prepare for stuff and I think I went out well though.

Found out that ma'ams are also stalkers. They found out about Th3onlyskins. But never mind though. Think of the brighter side, this means that more people know th3onlyskins. LOL.
Se were ask about what we want to 3 things we want to learn during the holidays and 1 of them is surely gonna learn finish how to dance RDR and Oh. Both only learn from the starting to the chorus. But i will choose RDR first since the dance is quite hard and cool at the same time. Hahas. Maybe I might try to learn Nu ABO. I dunno. See whether I have the time first.
I am a good dancer?? I dunno. Maybe? I only know how to dance but I dunno whether I dance well as in how I look when I dance. (:
Happy that I could do RDD quite well. On Wednesday night i still look that how to dance for the rocka rocka part and then learn and even use my Tablet's webcam to see my leg. Quite retarded but because of that I got the steps to dance it well.(:

Wish the ma'ams would like our gifts sine both were handmade. :D

That Day.
Monday, May 24, 2010
What should i consider this day? A dream? OR what?
Laughter, Sadness, Peace and Angry. So much emotion today.

I wonder why should we have campcraft today instead of something else. Everything really seems like a dream. Same as what Ai Qi has thought, the more they make us do silly things, the more we want to do it right now. Though last time we might fine it really very silly but just today or even this week, everything they ask us the do, we really wish we could do them right now. Not once but a hundred or a thousand times.

Hoping this week will never ends...