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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Yesterday was... Dunno what to say... Just stupid.

Reach early in the morning and found out that my table, next to the window, was FLOODED with water! Chair and Table both! So angry. Found a stack of newspaper and just got a few piece and dried my table and chair up. Went down for campcraft after that. AiQi was like... "MY CLOVE HITCH KEEP COMING OUT!" Right beside me. Dots. Don't know how to describe her man. Ended just in time for assembly. After that was PE. Ran 2.4km outside school and I actually improved my timing by 30s which now i take about 14:30 to finish 2.4km. Improve by more than 1min from last year! Though its tiring, I think my stamina increased. Chinese is right after that, which is DRAMA TIME! Ya, did drama for the story in the textbook. Our group did last minute work since the PE teacher dismiss us a lot earlier and we actually go the best out of all! I think because if you plan earlier, all the silly ideas will keep getting changed and then became not funny but if you last minute decide, you have to do it and makes the whole drama interesting! Germaine keep playing with the volume of the sound which was super funny then Catherine wore the plastic folder as a hat! My idea but inspired by Cherie. Hahas. Gone through 30mins of D7 which is totally laughing to the max( If you know what it is.)

1h full of D7. Some people ask some weird question which make practically the whole lesson a funny one. JUST KEEP LAUGHING. lol.
After School gotta stay for Maths Olympiad Training. Got somehow called "sabo" by JiaHui to present my working on the board. She knew how to do and she was sitting at the side while i was in the middle and she expects me to pass through and do the question. Heard that next lesson will be taken by the female teacher. For me, I prefer the female teacher no offence. I understand her more than the male one. :P

Monday, March 29, 2010
Typing when my eyes is blur now. Not very blur that kind but just blur.

Sucking on the candy drops now and it tastes the best. Apple flavour now. LOL. Its candy drops from Japan! I don;t have this time to go to Japan but i bought it ad Daiso.

My brother keep pestering me to help him put videos into his SAME phone but I rejected him. So irritating. He also using computer cannot put himself de need me help him.

Tomorrow skipping Fitt Run! But GOT PE!!! Running 2.4km outside the school. Haiz. First period need to run already. After that not recess straight away. Still got HMT then got the Drama thing for HMT which my group didn't even bother to care because its quite retard. She only give us like less than 5 days to prepare and during the weekends how to prepare man. Tmr will be somehow a bad day.): Surely must eat tmr morning. I don't wish to get stitch like what Catherine got last PE lesson.


Updating at last!
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
So many keep asking me to update but I really no time so never update de.

Good Job Squaddies! I wish that it not a 1 time thing for more than 15 people down for armpower okays? I'm proud of my squadmates :D

Need to chiong art homework after posting. Haiz. I haven't done my art for like more than a month! I feel so guilty. XP I thought art was on Thursday man then I didn't do till now, it's TOMORROW! I already extended my deadline because I was sick on the last 2 days of school last term and art was on 1 of the days so i cannot pass up my homework. But for the whole holiday, I didn't do. Guilty.

RUN DEVIL RUN!!! Go SNSD!Hwaiting!

Saturday, March 13, 2010
150th post!

India Trip was super fun! Ate 2 times of Macs, 1 time of KFC and 1 time of Pizza Hut. We could call how much we want there because its all counted in the money we paid. I learnt how to make roses with paper!!! HEHE. The visit to Taj Mahal took us 5 hours there and we stay in a five star hotel. Pictures of the hotel below.
Lol, Abbi there.

The nice nice design:D

The toilet. And Guess what...


Some Pic of Taj Mahal...

Entrance to the Taj Mahal

We are there!

And Holi Festival...

Me and Yun Ying all covered with the coloured powder. My face have more but I washed up before taking this.
Don't bother to post up alot of pic here. Check out FB for more.

Got my BL40!!

I can use a song lyrics to describe this phone.

As Usual It’s Mine
It’s Mine This Is Mine This Is Mine
-Taken from Kara-Lupin