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♫♪ Songs ♪♫
Friday, November 27, 2009
Since both things I type is totally not related, I decided to separate it. Hahas.

Songs I'm like listening to now, not addicted but like:(not in order)
1) Chu~♡ ( f(x) )
2) Long Long Oh ( Lee Seung Gi ft. AMEN )
3) I Want You ( Lee Seung Gi )
4) It's Love ( Lee Seung Gi )
5) Love Whirls ( Lee Seung Gi )
6) Melody ( Lee Seung Gi )
7) Sign ( Brown Eyed Girls )
8) Drunk On Sleep ( Brown Eyed Girls )
9) Gossip Girl ( Rainbow )
10) Ring Ding Dong ( SHINee )
11) SHINee Girl ( SHINee )
12) Get Down ( SHINee )
13) JoJo ( SHINee )
14) All Night Long ( 2PM )
15) Tired of Waiting ( 2PM )
16) Heartbeat ( 2PM )
17) I Was Crazy About You ( 2PM )
18) MUZIK ( 4Minute )

I suddenly LOVE Lee Seung Gi songs. Last time I just listen to them but now I LOVE them. HAHAs. I should put all this songs in my playlist.(:

Wednesday, Thursday and Today!
Sorry for not posting for a longgg time because I started playing and didn't bother to post but now I'm going to.
My illness is recovering at last! It last like more than 1 week already and now I can feel that it's recovering but still, not totally recovered. I cough less now and my nose isn't that blocked. Hahas. Wednesday actually want to go for tkd then later started coughing like hell and keep having tears for dunno what reason so I didn't went. In case, my mother say that if you cannot do too much running and physical stuff when you have nose block because you will faint or something so I think I made a right choice of not going. If I have gone, I think I will be more sick. Serious. And maybe they will ask me to go home too. I can't breathe properly. Yesterday went to collect my books. Went with my mother and my brother stayed at home. He surely on the computer and played secretly de. I can read his mind. Hehe. Met Valerie there. Not met but is that we sms each other to ask where each other are. LOL. Got a ride from her mother home in case we both is staying at Bukit Panjang. We alighted at Bankit so my mother could buy some things to cook at night. Then we took 920 home. It had been so long since I took 920 because now I walk to Bukit Panjang Plaza and not take 920 since 920 goes a longer road now. Not too long but it takes at least 2-3 more bus stop since the bus turns into West Spring Secondary there. Walking is exercising though. Hahas. But I don;t go there that often since I was in Secondary liao. Last time primary 6 everyday go there eat for lunch eat till now sian liao. I can eat the same things for like 1 month! But for me, After eating for such a long time, I will get tired of it and doesn't eat it anymore. Like seriously not anymore. Last time I keep eating sushi then later like 1year I didn't even touch sushi at all. Hahas. I'm that weird. Today leh, went to Sheng Siong(Ten Mile Junction) to eat. After eating, I throat suddenly have a lot of phlegm then for the first time it came out by itself. You know what. The whole thing is bloody red. So scary seh. Scary, super scary.

Monday, November 23, 2009
hehe. 422 downloads. Can;t believe that the SNSD skin could reach 223 downloads(:

Wednesday got CCA. Thursday collecting books. What a week.

Might come back to post later or maybe not. See first(:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I keep wanting to post but forget because of SIMS3. I want to stop but can't stop playing. Hahas.

Friday 13, Got sore throat which you might think it's normal but it isn't to me.
To Me:
Sore throat-> Fever + Nose Block + Cough
It's weird somehow but this always happen to me when I have sore throat therefore I hate sore throat. But this time round, I only have nose block and cough but no fever. Weird to me. Hahas. It's so hard for me to sleep peacefully for the past few days because of the nose block. Last night, I woke up twice because I couldn't breathe. ): I think it would take quite a while to recover from these. Haiz.

This year I change my phone already but next year February I can change again! At first my line is a sub line from my mother. Though it's a sub line, I got caller ID, 700 free SMS but the only bad thing is that it's only 2G and cannot change to 3G. Next year February my mother say she gonna cancel the sub line and sign 1 line for me instead because it's not that good as there is a sub line but you only could change for 1 phone when the line is up. So, if I have my own line, next time we could each change a phone. Yay! Hahas.
Now i'm using LG viewty and the phone i want to change is my blogskin phone which SNSD and f(x) is advertising in Korea. XDXD I support them! The phone is quite good anyways. It's HD, have wifi, 5mp camera, internal memory 1GB and external memory could reach 12GB. It enought for me though. But if any new phone come out during the december holidays I might change my mind but that phone is what I most probably will change next year(:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Another new post after like days except for the post on the MVs(:

Bought new sling bag at last. At first i'm using my brother's sling bag which was quite old and my own sling bag before buying was Kukumalu one and its pink. Bought a converse sling bag. Yeah.

I think i'm like a pro in predicting things. It's like everything I predict will like till now haven't fail to happen before. Serious. Firstly, when I predict to see Randall at the SJI bus stop there, I will surely see him. Then if I say I won't see him, I won't. On last Thursday, Valerie predict that ??? will be on the 105 bus while I predict that ??? will take 190 instead and serious! She was on the 190 bus!!! For today, Valerie and me was on the 190 bus going home from CCA, then like when the 132 was reaching the SJI bus stop, i started raining. Behind the 132 was 190 so we don't have to wait that day. On the 190, we stand because everyone were like occupying 1 seat so no double seat for us. Then I said, I think the rain will stop like before we reach Bukit Panjang. It really came true!!! Like halfway through the expressway, the rain stopped! I'm so good at predicting man. HAHAS!XDXD

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
CHU~ f(x)

Sign ~ Brown Eyed Girls

Friday, November 6, 2009
Today! LONGGGGGG day.

Woke up early in the morning at 6.50am then left the house at 7.30am to go to school for Maths Olympiad training. Super Tired while carrying the quite heavy bag because still have to bring things for CCA training in the afternoon. Have the first 1.5h then continued with half an hour of recess. The canteen was CROWDED! Haiz, yesterday it wasn't but today it is more crowded than before. Ate noodles and a cup of orange juice and went back to the room to continue to 12.45pm. Went out with Dorcas, Si Hui and Valerie to eat Macs at Tanglin Mall. While eating, Si Hui and Valerie saw ma'ams walk pass but as me and Dorcas back are facing behind, we couldn't see. Lucky us. Started to rain. Went back to school and went up to the top top floor of the art gallery and learn TKD pattern from Dorcas. I get the idea first so it would be much easier after that for me to learn. The tables there are totally Vandalized. I saw " Leeteuk and Sungmin" on one of the table(: HAHAS! went to change to pt kit after that and went to the canteen. Jia Xi ma'am wanted another 3 more people to join TKD and they are Mehendi, Si Hui and Jeanette. It's fun!(:

I'm super random but watch SNSD Intimate Note or Hello Baby!!! I just started watching Hello Baby so i don't know how funny it would be or how nice it is but Intimate note must watch. MUST!

Should get a kit kat and eat now. Hahas, I know it is random but i wanted to do so just now but i keep typing and using so didn't want to leave my seat and get to the kitchen. Should end here today(:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
YAY! 336 liao.

Today, I couldn't go for NP training because of my stupid thigh muscle ache and because of that, I had a hard time sitting down because of the pain and even standing up. Additionally, today got tkd if i'm not wrong, we are suppose to do kicks. How am I suppose to do them?! I bet I will say ouch every moment. It's that kind of pain. It suddenly starts yesterday which I don't know why. Sad, I didn't want to skip NP at all): I bet now they already start with the training while i'm at home resting. Feel bad in a way.

Done with 2 maths homework. We have like piles and piles of homework to be completed man.

1. Essay
2. Reflection

1. Essay Writing
2. 2 Book Reviews
3. Phrase Book
4. 3 Talking points

Higher Chinese
1. Essay
2. Letter Writing
3. 3 Newspaper Article Report

1. 6 Ace-Learning Progressive Mastery Programme
2. 2 Worksheets
3. 1 set of Other School Papers

Total: 23 Homeworks!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009
Woke up at 11.30am(hahas, late right?)

Went out with my mother to eat breakfast but when we reach Greenridge Shopping Centre, the sky started to get dark and my mother didn't keep the clothes. So, my mother da bao home to eat and after I go for CCA, she then go buy the things she is going to cook for tonight.

Left my house at 2pm and took 190 to the SJI bus stop. It scare me because the expressway had a jam. Waited for the 132 also was so damn scary because it's already 2.34pm and the 132 is not coming so me and Valerie took 105 and then change for 132 or 111. When we are reaching the bus stop we need to alight at, 111 was right in front of our bus and we missed it when it's already 2.48pm. Valerie and me are seriously worried that we would be late and luckily the 132 came! We reach outside our school at like 2.52pm and we quickly rush in because my squadmates would fall in like around 3 to5 minutes before the start of training. Shocked to see like there are only like 10 people there. So many people didn't come!
Join Taewondo for the performance during sec1 orientation campfire. It's a new thing for me so quite scared that I don't know how to do but I think I did fine. After doing the various kicks, we ran up the rotanda and came down crawling, frog jumping and duck walking. Quite of weird for the first time. Yeah.
Joined our squadmates who are discussing about the souvenirs thing and had debrief somehow.
Went back with Valerie. We took 111 from the opposite bus stop and went to Dhoby Ghaut and took at 190 from there. We didn't take 2 190 bus because it was full but luckily the next one was totally empty. Seriously empty. Hahas.

Sunday, November 1, 2009
I went to sch like normal days and at the same time because we need to reach sch at like the same time. When I reached the sch bus stop, i kept smsing Valerie and Rebecca and ask them when they are reaching because always Rebecca would arrive earlier than me but today I arrive first. Waited for like 15 minutes for Valerie to come. Then later saw the bus arrive and teacher officer also come then she opened the main door for us to enter the school to wait for the rest of the people. I and Valerie was like guessing every single people who come in(:
We went straight to Macs and eat our breakfast there. Shien Yu, Valerie and me shared 1 Hotcake with sausage and 1 Hotcake which means each of us gets 2 hotcakes each. Ai Qi was like a "Tai Tai" like going to each table asking for us what we get for the monopoly stickers and like say, " is i get this i can get that!". Things like that. HAHAS. After eating, we have like another 10 minutes to spare so we went to play with the machines. LOL. Didn't win anything of course! After that we rent our bicycle and then went on cycling. Chun Yee, Valerie and me are the lead like the very very front one because we can't see and squadmates behind us at all.I have not been cycling for like years but luckily I'm still ok(:
Cycled to the Bedok Jetty and then have a rest before going to another jetty. Then we went on back to return our bicycles and have our squad bonding session. Went to the beach and play there. The water was like super cooling! Hahas. Wrote "CAPUDIE(:" on the sand and took a picture of it. Next time i could use that to make the next squad blogskin(: HEHE. Played with UNO cards too(:
Time passes and then it's time for unit bonding session. We were ask to have 7 volunteers and to blow the balloons. Looking at the balloons, I knew that something isn't good will happen like popping the balloons and yes, that really happened! We need to sit on the balloon that was on our squadmates' legs. I went first and ended up I have to go the 2nd time which was the most retarded one. the smallest balloon that Jeanette and blown. I was like what?! popping it?! HOW?! They told me where to sit and lucky I managed to pop it. I now understand that the bigger the balloon, the less pain it would be. Seriously seh! The small small balloon make my butt hurts.
DISMISSAL!Went to Mac. to buy something less to eat first then Siow Ee, Erna, Valerie, Shien Yu, Chun Yee and me went to take the bus to parkway and change another bus to Eunos MRT and headed to Jurong East. WE RULE THE BUS! Not a single person was in the bus. Chun Yee didn't follow us and took the MRT straight to Boon Lay instead. So, left with 5 of us. We took the free shuttle bus to IMM and Siow Ee went to Macs straight away while 4 of us head for the washroom first before going to Macs. Eat there.After eating, Erna left and left with Shien Yu, Valerie and me. We went up the the second level to Mini Toons. Then, we went on searching for a green care bear that Shien Yu wanted. We couldn't find so we went home after that. We send Shien Yu to the pick-off point of the shuttle bus then Me and Valerie went to the bus stop to take 188 then change 187 home. Lucky Valerie stay in Bukit Panjang too if not i will need to go home myself.XD

Should I start making blogskin again? Loads of homework! But I want to earn "fame" in blogskins.com!