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Friday, October 30, 2009
Today, clean and green!

Considered fun for some reason which should not be. LOL! 21-41 clean Com. Lab 1. Lucky me man, number 21 so at first Mrs Khan say we need more people to clean the class room so she at first want to change to 1-21 clean classroom but lucky Shirlene at oversea liao so the class only got 40 people and then I don't have to clean class. Hehe. The Com. Lab 1 has many boxes which need to be put at the rubbish place at the back gate there which is quite far and hard to go through short cut cuz the boxes are too big to go through. Si Hui, Jannah, Maetini and me are so called the "catchers" of the box because carrying 1 by one takes a long time so Ms Bri. Decided that they should throw the boxes down to the first floor. IT IS SUPER SCARY! Serious. They keep throwing down and like non- stop. Then later we so called build a " human snake" then we pass the boxes all the way to the rubbish bin! Cool right?! hahas.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Today was fun in some ways which I dunno why but I also have a wide range of emotions today.HAHAS.

First up was Home-Ec which is most probably slacking for the whole 1.5h. I knew this would happen so I brought my TPC to school.

Next was recess which I like the most because at the 9.30am slot always the canteen only have our class. SO COOL! Catherine actually said that the Ribenna makes her drunk for some reasons which I dunno why and at first before recess she said she was starving to death but after eating she say that she is too full that she is gong to die. LOL!

Then we have maths for half an hour when Ms Ho return us our AMC and I got a distinction and was the top 11% out of all the participants. Grats, Jessie! Continued with going through the maths graded assignment wh
ich we took because Ms Ho say that there is no time to go through the Maths paper 2 so she would be doing that tomorrow which is a double period.

Coming Up was History. We go through our EOY paper and Mr Tham uploaded only the answer for section A and B but we have to copy for the SEQ but I typed it out(:

For English we went to the Comm. Art Room and have a so called "drama" class where we have to like freeze as a picture and let the others to guess what we are doing or what we are. It was such a great session then.

Memories would last!(:

Next up, CME. Total slack but have class talk at the middle of it. Talk about the class matter which would be kept private so nothing would be written out here! Wanna see maybe you should go a surf the blogs! HAHAS!
I made this using photoshop and i find it nice and cool!

Comments? XD

YAY! 323 downloads. I'm going to make another one soon. Really soon I guess...

Monday, October 26, 2009
YAY! So little people choose to go to India which mean I would have a high high chance of going!XDXD

YAY! The blogskins I uploaded to blogskins.com have reached 313 download!!!!Woots...

Today NP was quite of slack which I dunno why...Not the tiring and also fun at the same time. The sec2 ma'ams should have dance genie but they only did the part where tiffany say "D.J. put it back on" then no more liao.OMG lor, super shock to know that they wanted to dance genie and I actually wanted to dance too. I danced after I finished changing into pt kit man. So sian my squad mates never listen to many korean songs and they only know the (no offence) so called outdated ones. Seriously no offence. I wish they know the latest one like what my class does. HAHAS. Should listen to korean songs too now. Go on itunes then if later got genie i think i will start doing the hand actions in front of my tablet again...HEHE.

Friday, October 23, 2009
I think I should start posting before Cherie comes to my blog and spam on my cbox again. LOL!

Many things happen this few days...

Tuesday & Wednesday:
BTC camp in school from 8 to 5.30pm. It is a day camp because of the H1N1 virus but it's fun(: Did PT, Games, Drills, Campcraft and cook or own lunch. Yes, I have enjoyed myself seriously.XD

A day when we check our marks and grades for the papers. I was happy for all my paper but a bit upset by the literature and history marks. Anyways, I still happy overall. HAHAS. After check of paper is an assembly which is dunno called what. Then ended at 2pm...

Firstly we started the day with the ACES Day ‘Berry Good. Eat a Fruit’ Inter-House Competition. I'm so kind hearted to bring 2 servings of grapes which earn 4 points. jkjk!XD Continued with the CPR course where we are ask to do CPR on the dummy which Catherine name it Bobby. LOL. We are asked to like act out the scene of being in that emergency which was quite of weird and my class actually was not called to do class by class but the teacher in charge of us go tell the people who missed us out. Haiz. If not we don't have to do it already. Continued with recess and then Wayang performance and then the Deeparaya concert. Later, the sec1 needs to stay in the hall while the sec2 needs to go back to their class and the sec3 are dismissed. Lucky sec3s! The teachers continued to brief us on the special week next year which is on term1 week9 which we would be going oversea and the different teachers are trying to tell us the different places to choose from and ended up delaying us 30minute before dismissal.

I'm Back!
Saturday, October 17, 2009
Say yay!

I'm back posting... Yes, finished with EOY! Isn't that good?? Say YAY again because I passed Lance Corporal!!! Woots... Such a long holiday before starting school again but still marking day need to go back for BTC which is Basic Training Camp(: So long since we did drills, pt blah blah blah...Hahas!XDXD

Nvm, I should go and enjoy myself now if not after the EOY result is out, I'm gonna die...D:

Saturday, October 3, 2009
I know my blog has been dead for a very long time but there is a reason for it! EOY!!! yes, it's EOY... I need to study/revise for EOY and does not have time to post.

I will probably not post till EOY is over which is like till 15 October. Therefore, don't ask me why.