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Random stuff, I guess.
Saturday, June 26, 2010
Nothing much to write though. Serious.
Okay, shall dig my memory for something then.
Oh! I got 2PM name tag! :DDD 4 now!
I got myself a tumblr account quite awhile ago and I think it's ok for me to get it. Go find it yourself if you want to know but msn friends can ask though.
Not linking squad blog anymore! Try finding it then. HEH! What I could say is only GOOD LUCK IN FINDING :DDD LOL.
Thought of a new blogskin layout but I'm lazy to do. Oh Gosh. I haven't done any for like weeks. D:

That's all I guess...

PBL Meet up!
Friday, June 18, 2010
Hehe. Went to Catherine's house today. How many times did I go there. LOL.
Did our awareness activity which is...
THIS! This is only a small portion of it though. We need to make a total of 600++ of these for our awareness~! PLEASE DON'T THROW IT AWAY!!!!!
We used...

pegs and decorate it by sticking the green stuff on.
Then went down to print the papers which cost around $19. Went back and cut out the papers into the size we are clipping it and then went to eat lunch Cat's mother cooked for us. Cherie showed how nice the food is by eating all the food and trying to scape some steam egg out the bowl though there is not much left. Hahas. Went back and took a group picture for our oral presentation ppt. background. Then, we continued clipping the papers on. Almost done clipping and Catherine needs to leave for her piano lesson for 1 hour and time for self entertainment time :D Used the boxes to play domino and also stack up the boxes to make a tower!
Played with Catherine's iTouch and almost broke her record. Sad. D:
Then it's time to sort out the pegs according to the different "Do you know" on it. We were like shouting "AO", "one out of four", "freerice.com", "689", "How fortunate", "ONE DOLLAR" and stuff like that to sort them out. You would not know how funny it is if you will there. HAHAS.
Last thing to do, put each different "Do you know" into each classes. and finished all this at around 6:35pm.


Monday, June 14, 2010
Oh Shuck. So addicted to HuH by 4minute now~! Listen to it like how many times~ :D

Today SANA course. Drug abuse course. Learn stuff about drug abusing. Watch video related and totally not related videos like mr bean. LOL. Fun in a way and boring in a way too. Cannot get to sit with squadmates and work with them for role play and I'm the only girl in that row which is irritating though. GRATS to AiQi for getting full marks for written test :DDD

Ended at 4.30pm and went to Compasspoint to walk awhile before heading home and BOUGHT BEAST name tag :DD At first I wanted to buy 2PM Junsu one too but I like Junho and Junsu so very bias so ended up not buying first. Don't say I waste my money because I saved up from my daily allowance to buy one. The others are like eating ice cream at Macs. Hahas.

Surprisingly took 2hours to reach home.

My BEAST Name Tag
My Name Tag collection now
Collecting more :DD

Civil Defence Course
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Woke you at 6am today and ate 3 cheese hot dogs in the morning. Went out at around 6.35am and reach school at 7plus plus which I dunno what time it is. Rebecca always the first to reach~ Heh. I was considered either the 2-4 person cuz met Shirlene and Shien Yu before entering the school. Ai Qi was having that usual weirdness. Heh~ First thing she talk about is Nichkhun saying how hot he is blah blah blah and asked our squadmates to accompany her to K.K hospital for her check-ups cuz her mother can't go. Go to see her butt being check? LOL~! That's wrong! Yes, how wonderful but she really said that. Heh. Then saw Erna walking into the school compound. I told Reb, " Ehh, The first this Erna will ask us is for money" and really it is! First thing was to ask from Pooranee onwards for $1.20. Heh. I can read people's mind~
*PS, I can read the sky too right, Valerie? :D

Set off for the Civil Defence Course. The whole lecture room has only us as girls except for 1 school which has a few girls though. Aww, How to say man, happy or sad. Erna needs to interlock hands with another school boy. Can't like the officers just let her off because of that. Funny and Boring though for the whole course. I dunno~! The test was totally ridiculous. Serious. There is no need for one when they totally give super clear hints of the answer for each and every question. Make me worried for nothing. Bleh. Ended the course 2 hours earlier.

Thanks Shirlene for getting C2 class-squadmates the earphones~! (: It's cute though :D

Random Stuff now~~~~ HEHE!


3 More Headbands I bought yesterday. Thought we could wear those uniform colour ended out find out then only could wear Black, Brown and Dark Blue.

Fun~ But bored still...
Sunday, June 6, 2010
Found out some stuff is fun to do like *ahem*... Realised that *ahem* became 1 of my favourite phrase this day...Hahas.

GREAT INFO/URL FOUND! Yay! Some might understand me, right Dorcas, Reb? Hehe*evil grin*

Hyuna's bday today~! :D Remain happy, healthy and high always! Will miss you on G7... D;
Gonna miss SUNNY and Yuri too~! T.T

SNSD, come to Singapore soon~! But not in 2012 please! Yeah, I agree that they will come soon(: Like what *ahem* said, Since SM Ent. let SHINee and Suju come, soon SNSD and f(x) will come too! YAY! Both of them come together also good :D

So much of *ahem*s here...HEHE :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Wah, bored to the max lor... ):
Why Reb need to be "OUT" now... No one to spazz with now...

Hate the fact that I'm back to facebook again. Already stop for like at least 6 months and now I'm back again. NOTTTT Good! Just hope I just don't get addicted to it.

HAHAS! Good news, Reb is back! Back to spazzing~! :D